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Port Grimaud
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Port Grimaud
At the head of the Golfe de St-Tropez, just north of La Foux on the main coast road, the ultimate Côte d'Azur property development half stands and half floats. PORT Grimaud was created in the 1960s as a private lagoon pleasure city, with waterways for roads and yachts parked at the bottom of every garden. All the houses are in exquisitely tasteful old Provençal style and their owners, Joan Collins for example, more than just a little well-heeled. It's surprising that the whole enclave isn't wired off and patrolled by fiercesome dogs.

The main visitors' entrance is 800m up the well-signed road off the N98. You don't have to pay to get in, but you can't explore all the islands without hiring a boat or joining a crowded boat tour (around €4). Even access to the church tower for views is controlled by an automatic paying barrier (€1). However, if you want to eat and drink, there are rows upon rows of brasseries, restaurants and cafés, clearly designed for the visiting public rather than the residents, and not particularly good value (though affordable enough).

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